Back in the Real World?


Some of you know, some don’t but I just got back from a year traveling the world (literally)  19 different countries in the past year.  I went with a team/organization where we left our homes, loved ones, careers and took a backpack and tent to live in each country for a month at a time in order to live with locals, serve the community, and did whatever we could to love people.


At the end of our 11 months together, I left my now family/friends I lived with for the past year to visit my family in Spain.  My mother is from there.  I got to spend the most amazing time with all of them in which it’s been 6 years since we have all been together!  My grandmother is still mourning the loss of her husband and is still wearing all black. (Don’t worry I encouraged her) I was able to laugh, cry, and spend time with my loving family as we cherished each moment for we have no idea when the next time is we will meet.  Maybe when someone gets married?  Everyone thinks i’ll be next…..yeaaaa I don’t know about that.

My brother and I got to take 2.5 weeks to travel around Europe while we got to spend time together.  It was an incredible experience with him that i’ll cherish forever.  We went to about 6 cities in Southern France, about 4 cities in Switzerland where we stayed with an incredible family of a friend, and we now are like family! Then onto Austria where we got to spend time where Mozart is from and where the Sound of Music was filmed! Then to top it off we had a crazy adventure in Ireland with 4 of my cousins from Spain!


Guess what, I am now the STATES.

Everyone’s first questions after this year are: how was it??  And how does it feel to be back??

You know, it feels good to be back.  But weird at the same time.  My feelings are all over the place.  Things are not the same in the States as they are in other countries.  I realized after being gone for so long that I am so blessed to have my friends and family back home (they are incredible!) A year ago I would have had to have my life figured out by the time I got back, a job lined up, a community to be involved in, everything set before me.

Now I am changed.


I learned a lot this year. But what I can say now. Short and Simple.  I am here, I don’t have plans on going anywhere.  Who knows what holds for the future.  I have passions and dreams.  I live my life with purpose and I will live each day to the fullest!  I am here TO BE. It’s “ok” to not have everything figured out even when you feel you should.

Cheers to a GREAT, fulfilling life trusting the BEST is yet to come!!!!!

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2 Responses to Back in the Real World?

  1. Your blog is brilliant! (: I don’t think many people appreciate the smaller things in life which they should, and definately take things for granted. Have you read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? If not, i think you would enjoy it x

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