Habitually pulling through?

This morning was one of those mornings when I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I finally got myself out thinking I was set to do a jumprope workout outside until I opened the door and saw the gloom, the rain and felt the cold.  Immediately I went back inside and hid under my covers.  5 minutes later…….”Jessica, what are you doing?? Get your butt out of bed and do something, you know how much better you will feel!”–What my inner self kept telling me.

Finally that’s what I did…all it took was some mental push through and 30 minutes to feel on top of the world.


Do you eat when your stressed, lay on the bed when you don’t feel like exercising, creep on facebook when you are feeling lonely?  We usually tend to go to our comforts first in situations like these.  You’ll find that temporary satisfaction and think “oh, I needed that.” When in reality it will hurt you in the long run.

Psychologists define habits as learned behaviors that happen automatically when we encounter a situation in which we’ve repeatedly done those actions.   The basal ganglia is the part of your brain that stores different activities that play a big role in developing emotions, patterns and memories.  Comforts are not easy to release.  It’s going to be tough, a lot of willpower and things you don’t “feel” like doing.  Make some goals, but don’t get discouraged if your new habit doesn’t turn into one right away!

Practice makes perfect.  Keep doing these things, push yourself, and remind yourself of the outcome it gives!  I always tell people I am training through a workout, “come on you can do it, think about how you are going to feel after!”  That gets us going! =)


Speaking of more comforts……

I don’t know about you but there are weeks that are so busy, consuming of my energy and I always feel like I need to take a breather and to “catch up on sleep”.  I know we all use that term right??  All we can think about is the weekend or a day off and how we want to sleep in.  Then maybe the day after that you are extremely tired no matter how many hours you have gotten of sleep!  WHY?!?!  I slept a ton,.my body should be regulated now.

Don’t try to “catch up on sleep”.  Sad but true–it can backfire making you feel more tired.

With a change in sleep cycle you upset your circadian rhythm that your inner alarm clock (which we all have believe it or not) regulates.  The best way is to keep an hour more or less of consistency with your sleeping and waking times!  Of course sometimes you just want to sleep in..really late…that’s ok!  Don’t feel bad about it but just know the more consistent you are the better =)


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