We are all turned leaves.

The other morning I went on a run in the brisk, cool weather as the sun was shining on my face. I stopped dead in my tracks.  I took a deep breath in, smiled and really began to look and appreciate the trees around me.  It was in this moment that it reminded me of myself.  There are so many seasons in life.  It is now “fall.”  The leaves were once green, they are now changing colors.  Some yellow, orange, brown.  Some leaves still on the trees, some have fallen and are now crisp as I hear the crackle beneath my feet.


Gosh.  We all go through seasons in life.  We race by forgetting that we are constantly changing.  One day all things are going green, things seem to be going great, the sun is out and we are full of life.  Then we keep running as we slightly change colors.  Directions in our lives turn, we may have different friends, different jobs, someone close to you passes away; changes.  We may learn a lot, struggle a little.  We are changing.  Slowly but surely.

Then a storm hits and it’s really cold.  It becomes a gloomy winter where we are stuck in the igloo we have created while we try to find those close for body heat.  The days grow longer and feel never ending. We have been changing as we look for what is familiar.

 It’s a new season.

Then a bright light shines, sunflowers dancing in the wind as we remember we are not always stuck in the dark seasons.  Spring comes as a light mist from rain hits your face.  You begin to blossom like the once again, green tree.

These seasons are a gift.  Don’t rush through, enjoy, live and learn from each new day, opportunity and remember it’s OK to always be changing leaves.

Take your day to go for a walk, breath in deeply and remind yourself you are in your season for the perfect reason.

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