Dreamer come Alive!

You never know until you try.
And you never try
Unless you REALLY try.
You give it your best shot;
You do the best you can.

And if you’ve done everything
in your power and still “fail”—–
the truth of the matter is
that you haven’t failed at all.

When you reach for your dreams,
no matter what they may be,
you grow from the reaching
you learn from the trying;
you win from the doing.

–Laine Parsons


If you have a dream why hold back?
Bring it to life.
Bring it to the World.
If you hold it back then the treasure has no room to grow.

You never know who
is benefiting from your gift.
With your gift
this world is a better place.

You are a treasure that is waiting to be unleashed.
Leave a legacy none can forget.
Live your life on purpose
and let your light shine.


It excites me the uniqueness that we each hold within.  Don’t lock it up because what you have is something that I need in my life and what others need.  Embrace the different dreams others have because you need some of what they have too!  Be who you are, don’t focus on what you don’t have and love yourself more and more each day!  Live FULLY!

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