Juicing and Smoothies = Energy!

Since traveling the world for a year and being on-the-go all the time there is one thing that I have missed SO much and that is a blender to make delicious fresh fruit and veggie smoothies!  Especially in America we lack stressing the importance of fruits and vegetables.  In my experiences, in most other countries around the world it is part of their culture to go daily to the markets to purchase everything fresh.  I love that!  We, as Americans are wanting everything fast, everything easy, and all this juicing and smoothie making with fresh fruits and veggies isn’t on everyone’s priority list.  But guess what! It is fast and easy =)

Many people don’t get too many natural fruits and veggies in their diet.  These days most kids don’t like fruits and veggies.  We are finding more and more people with high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, weight problems, autoimmune diseases and more.  It’s incredible what adding in daily fruit and veggie intake with a balanced healthy lifestyle can do for you!

Juicing and smoothies don’t have to be horrible tasting.  In fact, they can actually be so delicious. Especially if the vegetables and fruits and mixed in together!  In a fruit smoothie adding in a handful of spinach is perfect because you don’t taste the spinach.  Things like that are easy to substitute.


Each day I like to make something new.  Here are a few that I personally LOVE!  You can adjust them to taste however you’d like.  I like some frozen berries instead of ice because the ice doesn’t water it down.

Smoothies:  In a blender.  
1.   -frozen blueberries
-frozen strawberries
-1/2 banana
-peeled orange
-Handful of spinach
-tiny bit of water added
-Add some whey protein if you’d like added protein

2.   -mango
-frozen strawberries
-100% squeezed orange juice (instead of a little water)
-plain greek yogurt

Juice:  In a juicer

  • Apples
  • Pineapple
  • Ginger
  • Beetroot
  • Carrots

Be careful on this one because the ginger and beetroot are very overpowering- a little goes a long way.  So good for your digestion and antioxidants.  This is so delicious!  Perfect blend of sweet and spicy =)


You can explain it over and over again how fruits and veggies mixed into a healthy diet is good for you but until you actually take the plunge to dive in and change your lifestyle is when you understand!  The reason I eat and live a healthy lifestyle is because I know how it makes me feel and there is NO WAY I could ever go back to before.  I have no desire to now!  I feel so alive and so refreshed!

Please feel free to ask how I can help motivate you !  Come on..let’s do it together =)  


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