Triple 8!!

My cousin and I went on a really long walk yesterday up and down hills in the gorgeous sunshine admiring the Puget Sound, fall leaves and architecture to some beautiful homes.  As we chatted about the importance of doing things that you love, such as what we were doing in that very moment, she told me about a new concept that made her think.  And this made me really think too!

It got me excited.

It’s the 888 (Triple eight) mentality.


We all have three 8’s to our day.  8 Hours to sleep, 8 Hours to work, and 8 Hours to play.  But each person determines where the hours will go.

I love this!  Because time never stops, it never slows down, doesn’t speed up.  Each person has the same amount of hours as the rest of the world. (24 hours in a day) Each person spends their time differently.  Some may wonder why another has so much time to do fun activities, or to fit so much in, or they feel that time is wasting away.

What are you doing with your time?

How are you managing it?  Are you being a good steward of your time?


I personally tend to think that time is going to pass me by too fast and I need to fit more in.  I have been doing so much better after knowing that balance in my life is the most important.  Enjoying what I do on a daily basis and making work apart of my life in which I don’t feel like it is work-is my priority.  Living in a way that I don’t feel like time is slipping me by.

What are your priorities in life?  

Are you daily getting a good 8 hours of sleep, working hard for 8 hours and having fun doing enjoyable things with friends, family, or alone for 8 hours?

If not then I suggest we start prioritizing for this new life we can now live! =)


“We all have time to spend or waste and it is our decision what to do with it.”

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