A complicated letter

I think sometimes we complicate things a little too much, don’t we?

We might think that we want to make a difference in someones life and possibly even the world.

We think about all the steps it could take and how hard it would be to really make a difference.

How would you like to make a difference in someone’s life by doing something that’s far from complicated, but easy in fact?!

When was the last time you told someone something nice about them?  Maybe you’ve told someone how you appreciate them, but have you written it down and given them that hand-written note?

Today I was preparing to do some painting and came across some papers, cards and things that were given to me this past year from friends, acquaintances, family, even people I had only known for a short time.

These pieces of paper, drawings, scraps, and cards were all encouraging notes that reminded me who I am.  They told me why people appreciate me, pointed out strengths in myself I never knew I had, they inspired me to be my best, they showed the love that surrounds me because of Jesus.  These notes encouraged me at the time they were given and still to this day I can look back and remember the memories, I can rest in the fact that I am living my life in the way I want to live!  People see me as the person I want to be =)

Whether each person knows they’ve impacted me or not–they truly have made a difference.

Thank you.

Now remember, it’s not hard to make a difference in someone’s life =)  I encourage you today to get out a sheet of paper, a card, whatever you want and write to a co-worker, friend, family member or even a stranger!

Just about 5 minutes ago, as I was writing this blog actually, a stranger came up to me.  A young man that just got out of dentistry school and in a anxious and flustered voice asked me if I or anyone I knew would be willing to be a patient for him to do a cavity procedure on for his final showing before becoming a doctor.  Sadly I recently went to the dentist and don’t have cavities.  But we chatted for a while and I could tell he was very stressed since his patient just cancelled on him.  In this moment I realized the perfect moment to encourage him with a note.  He had no idea I was writing to him as I scribbled on a piece on paper as we were chatting.  As he left I handed him the encouraging note.

I have no idea what he thought of it, but I know He was impacted in one way or another.

I personally have a goal to give a random sweet, encouraging note to someone each day for the month of November.  I plan on most of them being strangers =)  You never know who you’re going to meet or impact.


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2 Responses to A complicated letter

  1. Your encouragement was sweet. I think might follow your example and do some letter writing, if I may. 😊

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