Look Leaner in just a few seconds!

Look Pounds Lighter by:

Adjusting your posture!  You will feel and look more confident =)

Head back and Ears Over Shoulders:

When you round your shoulders your torso is shortened making you look bigger than you really are. 

Rib Cage Up: 

Weak upper-back muscles often angle your chest downward and make you look like your drooping. Lift your chest to elongate your torso.

Pelvis Parallel: 

When your hips tilt forward or you lift your butt it pushes your stomach out and accentuates the look of a belly pooch. Focus on leveling out instead of pushing far in or out.

Squeeze, Don’t Suck:

 Imagine your midsection is a sponge, and try to squeeze out a little water. It will make your middle look firmer and flatter than sucking it in.

Building Muscle

Strength training contracts your muscles; it also slows the normal flow of blood and oxygen to them. You also burn more fat and calories and have a faster metobolic rate the more lean muscle mass you have.  Don’t worry ladies, the myth about getting bulky is a myth!  We don’t have enough testosterone to really bulk up.  We need some strength training to have lean muscle mass!


Just a few simple steps to looking and feeling taller and slimmer =)

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2 Responses to Look Leaner in just a few seconds!

  1. I like the midsection sponge, squeeze out water technique. I would recommend http://www.perfectore.com

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