Deliciously Healthy Blueberry Pie

When I made this pie I was immediately in AWE!  I asked the lady who introduced me right away how it was made because I had to know the secret!  I almost didn’t believe her when she said there were only 5 ingredients and none contained added sugar. WHAT???!!! Gluten free??  No dairy??  Oh my gosh, so excited!

Now whenever I make it I tell everyone to guess what’s in it and then blow them away with how easy, delicious and healthy this is!

There is no baking or heating necessary. All you need is about 20 minutes of your time and it’s ready to serve! =)

Are you ready??  Are you really ready?!


Here are the magical ingredients and easy steps!

Grind 2 cups of raw almonds (I used my coffee grinder)
8 pitted dates
Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt
Mix all together with hands and push into small pie container
Put into small pie container
Freeze until done with making the filling

1.5 cups of blue berries
8 pitted/soaked dates
teaspoon of squeezed lemon juice
blend/process all together  (I did mine in my vitamix)
Mix until smooth
Add mixture in a bowl and add 2.5 cups of whole blueberries and stir together
Pour blueberry mixture into pie crust and put in fridge until ready to eat!

Soo simple and soooooooo delicious!  I used frozen blueberries that I let sit out and thaw.  You can do that or fresh berries whatever you prefer!

Now remember that just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean we should eat the whole thing.  About 2-3 dates in it self have about 120 calories, 36 grams of sugar and 33 grams of carbs (estimated).  They are natural so that’s great! Just remember that healthy things add up too!

Know that you can eat a BIG piece of this GUILT-FREE and feel wonderful and satisfied.  Yum! Even great after a good workout =)


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2 Responses to Deliciously Healthy Blueberry Pie

  1. WOW! I love this recipe! I can’t believe how easy it looks! Thank You for sharing I love guilt free desserts!! 😛

    • jessdahl24 says:

      Yes thekelleymethod!!! It is really amazing….please try it and let me know how you like it =) Even my little brother is a bit picky and he told me he would even pay me for this recipe. Goodness. He got it for free of course!

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