I thought Yoga was cool for some people..just not me.

yogafaith (2)Just like many women don’t like to lift weights because they think it will make them bulky, I was the complete opposite. I lifted weights, I ran, I trained intense, I did body weight workouts, I rode my bike, I really could do almost anything.  The short, lean girl; don’t underestimate because she can carry  huge guys on her back and do 60 push ups in a minute.  Yep, that was me, and no I was not bulky.  I thought that everything had to be intense for it to be a good workout.  That left yoga out of the picture.  I thought yoga was cool for some people like those who didn’t really want muscle but to be skinny.

All this was until I had problems myself in which limited me to what I could and couldn’t do.  Due to much stress physically, mentally, emotionally, in all areas of my life and after carrying a backpack traveling for a year I was left to realize I needed to do something different.

I had back pain and neck pain in which resulted me to see a massage therapist and chiropractor.  With realizing these symptoms were affecting my everyday life in my energy, having continuous headaches, concentration and pain I began doing some stretching and yoga poses daily.

After the first few sessions I felt so much better, it was healing me: mentally, physically, and emotionally.  I had never been the one to tell everyone about yoga and now I was so excited about everything I was feeling.  This was my time to turn on some calming music, putting all things aside: my cares, worries, fears, failures, anxious thoughts and be in the present moment.  To feel each inhale giving my muscles, tendons, mind, heart and every inch of me was getting life while each exhale was releasing the toxins, tension, and stress I had been carrying all that day was incredible.

It truly allowed me to let go of expectations I have always had for myself and that it is OK to be.

It taught me how to balance my life.  Who needs stress? Life is too short to be stressed physically, emotionally, mentally.  Take care of yourself, it’s OK.

It allowed me to be in each moment and situation and to let control go where I felt the need to be in control.  Let go of the past and even your future.  Let things move fluid.  Listen to yourself and listen to others.  Quick to listen and slow to speak.

In order to be WHOLE we need to come to a decision of letting our physical, intellectual and emotional selves be in constant conversation.  You will begin to embrace flexibility and uncertainty.  In reality life is uncertain; we don’t know what is to come in the next year, day, let alone the next hour-it’s the nature of things.  Be open to possibility, change and you will have access to everything there is to know and not to know in experiencing being limitless.

Are you ready for a life of surrender, change, an adventure?

I didn’t know what I was in for but I’m so glad I’m In.

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2 Responses to I thought Yoga was cool for some people..just not me.

  1. Morgan Simon says:

    Love you to pieces and so happy you found something that you love that doesn’t hurt your back!!

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