No plans just a book, journal, yoga mat and the road in front of me!

Gosh, there are so many things to get done, and people to see, life doesn’t just wait for me as I sit around.

Although I could have planned on Monday to fill up my entire day there was something bursting inside of me that I needed to go, get out of town.

There is something in all of us that crave that adventure; the unknown, the scenery, mountains, blue skies, water, and to be alone in God’s presence and enjoy all He made around us.

So I took off!  Filled up my gas tank, took lunch, a book, journal, bible, yoga mat and headed north to one of my favorite places in Washington.

Deception Pass/Whidbey Island.

With no agenda, I was FREE.  Sun blazing, fresh air, loud music and the world in front of me.

I don’t even have words to describe how perfect it was but pictures share a thousand words so enjoy =)

On the Way =)

ImageImageAs I was driving I saw the sign for Camano Island and had never been there so I took the exit and found this private beach.  ImageOf course I was trespassing 😉  But I met a man named Rob who said if anyone gave me a hard time to say I was staying with Him and I would have no trouble.  ImageThis was seriously the most PERFECT spot where I could hear the sound of the ocean, birds and feel the warm sun.ImageMeditating on a question that now changes the decisions I am currently making for my life.  “In light of my past circumstances, what is the WISE thing for me to do?”  ImageYoga and all exercise anywhere I go =)ImageThis was pretty funny trying to capture this pose!  Out of all the tries this was the best I could get =)ImageImageImageImageHaven’t seen a lady bug in a LONG time.  It landed on me.ImageImageI spent about 15 minutes looking for these very same sunglasses that blended in with the logs. I’ve had them for about 3 years and they traveled with me all around the world.  I was determined to find them! Not ready to part with them.  This was it’s hiding spot.Image

ImageImageOh, Deception Pass How I LOVE and adore you.ImageImageYep, spent a lot of time on this perfect cliff spot.  It was waiting for me.Image“In light of your current circumstances what is the WISE thing to do?”ImageImageImageImage

God shared some cool things with me reminding me that as I make hard decisions through life that I am on His guided “lit up” path.  I will travel to the left and right but continue straight with Him even as I don’t see the end I am in His perfect plan. (Can you see the lit up path in the water?! =)  It kept going until the unknown. God is so good in the way He speaks!ImageI saw seals! (bottom left)ImageImageImageImageImageLit up cross through the trees.  So cool!  Reminded me of His unconditional love.ImageImageImageImageSat here for a good while watching the sun continue to set.ImageAcross the way is the exact cliff I owned for the day =)ImageImageNever Good-bye but see you soon.

The perfect day!

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