Hiking and Yoga on the Mountain

Today was the day.

A group of us taking off to hike up a mountain with our tennis shoes on, water bottle and yoga mat strapped to our backs.

It’s so normal today to get stuck in your gym doing the same types of things on a daily basis.

Especially in the Pacific Northwest where you never know when the weather is going to be nice or turn nasty on you.

Well, with this lovely bunch of new and old friends I got to spend my most wonderful afternoon leading a hike and yoga session on the top of the mountain!

Enjoy the adventure…….


There is something about breaking old habits and trends and starting something fresh! Something new and exciting for you!


A few of us almost wanted to quit half way up the mountain but it was amazing to watch the encouragement of each one of us reminding each other that it’s all mental.  Take a break where you need but you can get to the top! Once you already in your mind believe you can’t then your mental and physical body already gives up.  You need to see yourself at whatever mountain you’re at and you can and WILL get there!


There is something about doing yoga outside! Doing anything.  You can feel the breeze, inhale the pure air and exhale all the toxins that have been built up, hear the wind, birds, and feel the heat of the sun or the droplets of rain down your face.

Purifying really.

To have such beauty God created for us right in front of you, don’t take it for granted.


And guess what…each person made it to the top! =)


Some of us had never done yoga before, some have, but we all had a great workout specific to our own body.


In other countries most people sit/squat in variations like garland pose on a regular basis.  In these postures your whole body is engaged using your entire core order to stay like this.  Now days we have chairs that actually take away from using any strength at all.  Today I reminded us about trying to engage our body in everything we do on a daily basis so we do not loose strength and create poor posture.  Try this while reading or even on your computer.  It helps me.  Lengthen and strengthen while working from home, I think yes!


This man is an incredible athlete and marathon runner! Being able to incorporate yoga into his workouts are only going to make him faster, flexible, focused, keep from future injury and will help with mental clarity.  


Taking time to rest what you worked is one of the most important to really heal and feel the benefits into the body.


Made some new paragliding friends! Going with them next time =)




Such an incredible, incredible day!  

A BIG Thank you to all those who are the first to start our yoga hikes! To help and support such a great cause of joining in, enjoying your own practice and donating financially where proceeds go toward fighting against the human trafficking and poverty around the world in order give them the education, implements, and skills to rise above slavery.

After today I am ready for a good lavender epsom salt bath and a great nights sleep =)

See you all at the next outdoor yoga hike!



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