About 4 years ago I was informed about sex-trafficking like I had never heard before.

Not only like in the movie “taken” where young girls get abducted in Europe or other places around the world. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  These sorts of things happen all over the place.  This time I heard about the reality of it happening here, in my own backyard, Seattle.  Believe it or not, Seattle is one of the biggest spots for sex-trafficking the the country!

Here are a couple statistics for just the United States.

I can go on and on about so much that is happening here and around the globe. But today I want to say a special thank you to my dear friend Shawn Dee and give you the honor of being able to see what today looked like.

I met Shawn Dee one day at a hot yoga studio.  It was at a class in the middle of the day I had never been to before, I was already late, but for some reason I knew in my spirit that I needed to be there.  After class I saw an old friend and co-worker of mine who introduced us. We laid out in the sun while we got to know each other.  Throughout our conversation, it came up that her history and profession of self-defense saved her life.  Trying to get the whole story, I find out she was indeed abducted to be trafficked- here in Seattle.


WOW. My mind was blown.  Right away we began talking about how she never knew this was possible until it happened to her.

Little did she know this is my passion, to bring awareness, help and to restore young children and women back from slavery and into freedom here in the states and the world.

Today, she came with about 20 of us to hike up the top of a mountain where I teach yoga classes in which proceeds go toward sex-trafficking around the globe.

Get ready. Enjoy =)


Here we are with some of the group before heading up the trail! The rest met us on the way up.


We are ready to go and excited!


Here is Shawn Dee! She is a master in martial arts, jujitsu, kickboxing and yoga =)  All of it combined was a big tool that helped her to prepare for saving her life from the abduction.



With the most incredible view, each person came at their own pace hiking up the mountain and joined in the half hour yoga session which we focused on strength and balance.



All day, we had quite the audience watching and listening while we exercised and Shawn Dee shared her story.  Excited for the many new friends to be joining us soon =)


Everyone did such an incredible job! A lot of people have never tried yoga before, let alone I give them huge credit because we were on a slight incline.  Harder than usual!


Look at this incredible view as everyone is very engaged in the intense story of Shawn Dee.


After the incredible testimony, Shawn Dee opened up for questions and comments.  Most people listening who were here today have actually never been aware of this happening around us in our own backyard.

Many asked questions about what difference she would like to be seen with awareness, how can this be something that is stopped, what can we do as individuals to help?


The group of old and new friends afterwards in awe of this amazing day sharing great conversation, laughing, taking photos and inviting new people to join us next time!


Oh, just a couple of my dearest friends =)


Part of our silly group pumped up!


Made it back down the mountain…still alive!

Image I am so blessed and honored to have spent this day with these incredible new and old friends.  The weather forecast said it was supposed to rain but lets just say I prayed a lot and there was sunshine the whole time!

It was such an incredible experience for each person there, myself included, whether they were apart of our group or a person watching from the hilltop.

Thank you Shawn Dee for your willingness to open up your heart and share your testimony I know that you came into my life for a reason and I cannot wait to continue to journey with you!

If anyone would like to be apart in any way shape or form in this cause of sex-trafficking also other opportunities to hear Shawn Dee’s story please contact me:

At the end of this year a few of us will be going out to Cambodia and Thailand in order to bring Yoga as a form of bringing hope, love, restoration, wholeness, therapy and healing for the sex-trafficking victims as well as teaching hair dressing as a trade so they can live a sustainable life with a skill-set they never knew they had!

My yoga hiking classes are donation based and you can help to fund for bringing freedom and restoration to these children and women!  Anything helps.  At this link you can donate =) Thank you and God Bless!

Stay tuned for video footage of the yoga and story!

Can’t wait for you to join us on the next Hike!

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