Empowering Leadership


Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader?

Think of your favorite leader you’ve had in your life.  Why so?

I think we are all made to lead.  Maybe lead a business, maybe a small group, maybe your kids, maybe your dogs or just someone you met in line at a grocery store. There are so many ways of leading.  The first step is to see yourself with a gift, a strength.  You really do have something to offer the world.  Why is it that there is no other YOU on this planet?

I absolutely Love leadership.  How we each have the power to empower someone else in their gifting.  While I, personally, see myself on a daily basis in one way, you have the power to look and see me in a different perspective noticing where my gifts and strengths are that I may not see.

The ways in which people can get together in a group to collaborate ideas, dream dreams, cast visions is amazing to me.  To use each others gifts to thrive and lead one another in a direction in which we desire to go.

I realize that even with all the groups and teams I have led in the past there is no way I can do it on my own, that with my own energy and drive I can make it but with a team we can thrive and accomplish so much more.

With the team that I live life with, I want to always make sure they feel cared for, that their voice is heard, in constant communication, that we are never doing anything alone but doing it together, and that they are being encouraged into the visions that they desire.

A good leader shares all their secrets with those who they are leading.  A mentor and great leader in my life once told me to, “teach someone else in a way that sets them up to be better than yourself. ” When you do this, you are a leader.   You won’t be around forever but you can make a lasting affect on the world by setting others up to do what you do.

Yes, all this will take letting go of pride and you will need humility.  Embrace all the gifts of people and set them up in a place in where they can share it to the world because remember, by yourself you will burnout.

Everyday you are leading.  People follow what you do whether you realize it or not. Lead by example.

I love what Jack Welch says,

With this you will make a great team with the same vision.

With this you are a great leader.

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