Can we ever really quench our thirst?


Thirsting and searching, when your soul is empty you’re blinded to the real need.  You look for those things to fulfill your desires and look to all things on earth not knowing where to turn.

There is a thirst that an empty soul is trying to quench.  You may be searching for that complete peace yet have no desire to find the Prince of Peace.  Many who are searching for God may not be thirsting for God.  They are instead looking for a god who will do and be exactly what they want him to be, putting him in a box and mold.  When the empty soul only searches for the riches and for the peace here on earth he will never have the holy desire found in God, who is more than and above our earthly desires.

If all one desires is here on earth never truly longing and thirsting for beyond then there is a chance there will be an eternal thirst in a place where it can never be quenched only hoping that the tip of the tongue could be touched by a moist finger to try and relieve the hurt of eternal dryness.

When you thirst of a dry soul you have experienced “rivers of living water” while the empty soul has never known and seen what he is missing. They have lost the promise of the “fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”  Once you get a taste of this everlasting spring of water it doesn’t mean that we will never be thirsty again, for as humans we live in a world that consumes us, in a world that makes us tired, weary, and still longing for more.  But there is great joy in the fact that we don’t have to look anywhere else except to this eternal water that is here for us.

John Piper describes it as this:

When you drink my water, your thirst is not destroyed forever. If it did that, would you feel any need of my water afterward?  That is not my goal. I do not want self-sufficient saints. When you drink my water, it makes a spring in you. A spring satisfies thirst, not by removing the need you have for water, but by being there to give you water whenever you get thirsty. Over and over and over again. An overflowing water that passes life through you.

Drinking too much of the “wrong thing” can make you even more thirsty.  I think about a hot summer day and drinking a bottle of coca cola.  After, you may feel like your belly is full yet your thirst is still there.  There will never be quenched thirst without finding it in the everlasting spring of water.

Once there has been the taste of the everlasting spring, this makes a satisfied soul. This does not mean that you will never thirst again.  It is so uniquely satisfying that there is nothing like it; you crave more.

Jonathan Edwards describes it like this:

Spiritual good is of a satisfying nature; and for that very reason, the soul that tastes, and knows its nature, will thirst after it and a fullness of it, that it may be satisfied. And the more he experiences, and the more he knows this excellent, unparalleled, exquisite, and satisfying sweetness, the more earnestly he will hunger and thirst for more.

Where are we now? Have we tasted this sweet everlasting spring?  Have we known it and lost it?  Or do we know it and never want it to end?


Sometimes I feel dry, but I know I am never in need to fulfill my thirst on my own.  I desire to keep thirsting and keep drinking from the everlasting spring that I can only get from the one who promised: “whoever drinks the water I give them will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

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