The continued journey to hope and freedom

hope is real

It’s finally here! Back to Asia…the continent I thought I would like the least..but in fact fell in love with.

Wow…it’s been about a year and a half since I have been back to Cambodia and Thailand.  When I was in Thailand I felt like it was apart of my heartbeat.  The people, the culture, the food, the way they search for meaning in life, the love that they showed me; I could definitely see myself there.  In fact, I was planning on moving there.

Even in the darkness I could always feel light.  I think that is why I was so drawn to it.  In the red light district, where the main prostitution and brothels lie, I could see hope on these young girls’ faces.

I don’t normally cry easily but in this very moment i’m crying like a baby as I think of each young lady I’ve met either on the streets of LA, Seattle, Thailand, or Africa. I know that each one of them is such a precious jewel that needs to be reminded of.  They are worth it.

Since living back in the states I can say it has been hard.  It’s a lot easier for me to want to leave and become friends with each of these girls and love them, share stories, do yoga with them, let them play with my hair and to look them in the eye and tell them they are loved and that they have a hope for a future.

I had a vision a long time ago about one day being planted locally while using that as a form of being able to go globally.

This is now becoming a reality.


Tomorrow I fly out to Cambodia, with a friend of mine, where we will be partnering with Justice and Soul Foundation (  Since God has a different plan than I do for myself, He has opened up the amazing opportunity to be on the board of this foundation in Seattle. I can bring awareness and help the needs here while I still get to go to Cambodia to help bring hope, an education, and future to victims of sexual slavery through our hair school and hair salon that THESE CHILDREN get to do hair at!

It gets me pumped thinking that even if ONE person were to go to hair school and learn skills and know that they are SO worth it, so they don’t have to go back to where they were before gives me the butterflies of joy!

While Justice and Soul is an newer foundation there is such excitement, energy and passion that drives each person to want to help.  It also gives a chance for all people to be involved.  Hair dressers and beauty professionals from all over the world with this same passion are welcome to apply to come teach. This is what we want all to know..YOU really can do something.

After a couple weeks in Cambodia we then head over to Thailand working with   When I was last here, I really almost stayed.  My friend working the the organization I met mentioned a position working with the girls and teaching them hair and long term sustaining skills for their hope of a future.  That was truly all I wanted to be doing.  But…I knew myself. Even though my flesh wanted it so badly, I knew that it wasn’t the right timing.

I continued to move on…..

Through my life, I have gained a passion for living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.  I know and believe that the way we feel on the inside is how we will look on the outside.  The way we fuel ourselves through nutrition and take care of our bodies like they were an engine then we can live a more fulfilled life.

These girls only see their body as good if their outward appearance and if their genitals are in tact. This is all they have ever been told.  Imagine how you would feel if this what all you knew you were worth.

Since this is not true, there is a huge need to teach the girls that they are beautifully, intricately made.  They need to know that food is good and it is used as a fuel for your internal as well as outside appearance.  That the wrong foods can make you sick and lead toward a short lived life. To teach forms of exercise and yoga as therapy will then bring a new sense of themselves as well as knowing that it is ok and good to exercise your physical body as well as mentally and emotionally.

There is so much healing that is needed.

Starting NOW is the time to jump all in; I am willing to be in the unknown, to love those who feel unloved, bring hope to the hopeless, be a voice to the voiceless and heal the brokenhearted.

I can hardly contain myself, I am beyond excited!

Hey, we all have an amazing talent and gift that can be used for more.  How can you use yours?

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