Grateful for Cambodia and Kate Korpi Salon


I can’t believe its already been a couple days since we have arrived in Cambodia.

The first day we arrived we wanted to visit the Kate Korpi salon that has now been open for 3 months! I can’t describe the warmth and love we felt right as we walked in with hugs and offering us coffee, tea, water.  The students, average of age 18, who are survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking, are incredibly loving that I couldn’t wait to be back to working there!


Imagine living in poverty or in a violent environment, in a place where most are living and working for survival.

Today I was in tears as the team at the Kate Korpi salon in Cambodia gathered together to each express something we are grateful for.  As I hear about all the things each student is thankful for I am completely humbled.  Knowing just some of the things they have gone through makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that they show up early with smiles on their faces and busting out in laughter ready for another day, not thinking about the past, not thinking about what they went through the day before but the hope for another day makes me so grateful to be in their presence.

So many times we get way too wrapped up in life that we forget many of the amazing amazing things happening in our life around us.  Even the little things matter; like a good nights sleep, that we got to eat today, that we have the opportunity to laugh or learn something new.

After our huddle, where we gather together to encourage eachother and start the day off, the students styled eachothers hair and put on make up.  I was blown away by some of the braiding one of the male students did.  As I asked him to teach me, he told me it was easy and gladly showed me how.  Easy to him, not so much to me.  A piece of art that is for sure! =)  Once again, humbled.

I had a great time overseeing one of the stylists at the salon as he did his second smoothing treatment to one of his clients.  It’s always so amazing and humbling to teach something you know to others in the same industry as you.  I greatly enjoyed it as I got to help him finish styling his client and build another relationship.

As I taught one of the students how to formulate haircolor and apply the color I thought she already had done this before. Later to find out she had never formulated color. She is becoming a very confident young, beautiful woman, which allows her to take on new challenges and situations. Plus, the conversations with the students and the results of the color were amazing!!!!!!

It was so fun watching the students assisting the stylists as the students are such hard workers!  They greatly value their education because they know that with the empowerment that is given to them from the staff and volunteers at Kate Korpi salon they will rock Cambodia as amazing stylsits who will also own their own salons and be able to care for not only themselves but their family as well!

I already know after seeing for just a short time that these amazing young men and women are building a confidence and hope that they never knew they could have and I am so excited to only see growth in each of them from here!


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