An everlasting Foundation


It seems sureal sometimes when you think of creating something that is going to be everlasting.  Something that others will use as tools for their future.  It can be scary.  Is it something I can actually do?

A foundation is the basis or groundwork of anything. It’s the natural, prepared ground or base in which structure rests.

With a weak foundation there is no way for a solid superstructure or anything everlasting.

Yesterday 3 of us stepped foot into the Kate Korpi salon in Cambodia ready to begin a platform for a future.  With our thinking caps on and creativity levels up we began the brainstorming of the educational cirriculum for the future of the students at the salon.  We went back and forth on ideas about what it could look like for a fun, sustainable, empowering environment for the young adults to learn in.

Keeping into consideration the background of the students and their culture, which is very imporatant, we came up with some fun activities in which they will be able to learn and thrive in this environment.  It is now the begininning of the foundation that we can then use to pass down to the next educators.

This is SO EXCITING!!!! These students will thrive from the hard work and dedication put into this groundwork! And we are making it for something more. Something big. It’s all for them and an everlasting future!

Is there something that you are building a foundation for? Something that you can also create for others to follow as you inspire and encourage them in their gifts that will be an everlasting support?

Go for it, build something, be an everlasting!

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