She smiles at her future


Today was the day.

The first day to step foot into Destiny Rescue in Thailand to meet the girls I have been praying specifically for for the last few months and those I’ve been longing to meet.

Ranging from ages 17-19 years old it is such a privelege to be a small part of their life to share something very special to us (Michelle and I) as we got to learn some things from them.  This afternoon we reached a beautiful rooftop with open air, overlooking parts of the city. Michelle and I look at eachother and knew there was no other place we wanted to be other than here.

We had loads of huge mats that we set up for each of the girls. After introducing ourselves we got to learn the names and ages of each beautiful girl.  Most of these girls know nothing about their bodies except the fact that they’ve been told their worth is physically needing to look good on the outside, needing to be skinny, and the need for glowing white skin.  They don’t know that exercise is good, that healthy food is good and that God created them so beautifully and perfectly.

To share our passion with these girls about their worth, about being healthy, learning that God lives in them and that they can worship God with their beautiful bodies gives me butterflies on the inside. It’s so exciting.

We spent time warming our bodies up, moving, inhaling and exhaling deep, and got into some great partner moves and stretches.  They loved those as we got to use eachother to strengthen, balance and depend on one another.  We laughed until we fell on the ground. To watch them enjoy these movements, to see them practicing yoga while worshipping Jesus in a new way was amazing.

Last week in Cambodia working with Kate Korpi Salon, I was inspired by the time we took each morning to talk about something we are greatful for.  Today we went around in a circle talking about which pose/movement they liked the most and one thing they are greatful for.  This was my favorite part.  To watch the girls giggle as they showed us the new poses they learned and why they liked them was inspiring. It showed us how each girl had something stand out to them where they felt different on the inside and out, affecting them in a good way.  It was also very humbling to hear how greatful they are for us to be there to teach them something new they have never experienced.

We are so blessed to be where we are, doing what we love and sharing it with those who need it. There is freedom, there is hope, healing and restoration!

She smiles at her future.

We cannot wait for tomorrow! Greatful to look forward to another day!

Thank you for being apart of this journey!


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