A Love in Constant Pursuit


Coming from a family that loves me and supports me in the United States and in Spain has really made me know how blessed I am.  I cannot imagine a life of bondage, manipulation, abuse, or sexual exploitaion.  I continually ask God to “break my heart for what breaks His,”and guess what, all these things break His heart.

Over the past week we have been able to be apart of such an amazing thing. Girls that have been rescued from abuse, pain, and sexual exploitation are now learning their worth value and that no matter where they have been, no matter where they go, God’s heart burns for theirs and is in constant pursuit of them.



These girls are so beautiful. Ranging from ages 15-18 they each have a specific story and God continues to write.  Their lives are now being redeemed of hope, value and love.  They no longer have to believe the lies they once knew. They no longer have to worship idols that don’t love them back, they are no longer broken but healed into wholeness.

It reminds me of  reading a great story in the bible; Hosea 11 talks about how when Israel was a child, God loved him.  The more God loved them the further away they moved from God.  In verses 8 & 9 God says that there is no way He can give up on Israel.  He can’t let them go.  Even if they have been doing their own thing, worshiping idols, being adulterous, it doesn’t matter; all God longs for is Israel to come back to God once again like when they were children.

All I can think about is the LOVE and PURSUIT of God for these girls.


Tears roll down my face as I remenice over the past week.  Their laughter, their smiles, their sweet words, the way they worship God with their bodies through yoga, dance, the way they are so creative drawing, the way they love when I compliment them, when I hug them, when they are given attention and affection, the way they look so cute when their eyes are glued to the bible as they nod their head to the truth they read.

They are hungry for Jesus.

They are finally taken out of that place of darkness, manipulation, brokenness and brought to a NEW place.  When they were in these places God was pursuing them the whole time.  These girls are like Israel, His heart BURNS for them.  He can’t love them any more or any less.  They are perfect in His eyes.



Of course there is still woundedness, healing that needs done, confusion that they want answers for but each day they draw closer and closer to God, who is all they need.

I can’t wait to see the growth of these beautiful young girls and the futures they each will have as they learn to use their gifts to be fabulous baristas, hair dressers, fashion designers, jewelry makers, doctors or whatever they want to be!


When there hasn’t been stability in their life before now, I thank you Jesus that you have ALWAYS pursued them and you never stop!


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