Walking the streets I remember


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After spending such an amazing time in Chiang Rai Thailand I was sad to leave.  All the friendships we built, the things we learned, the things we taught, the laughter that was shared was somthing I will never forget.  I knew that the end would come sometime. This did infact get me excited about my next adventure!

Chiang Mai I am ready for you!

After a 3 hour bus ride I finally arrived! A Songthaew (kind of like a little bus) took me to Zion Cafe where I saw my wonderful friend Emmi!!  It’s been almost 2 years and I hadn’t seen the new location, the building, hostel, and all of it.  I walked around amazed! This place is lovely!  About 7 stories high filled with beautiful paintings from all different teams and individuals that are talented and creative!



Check out http://www.lighthouseinaction.org



I got set up in my room, made for 3 but have my own room =) on the 5th floor!  Each door has a different name: mine is “patience”.  Maybe that means I am supposed to be learning a thing or 2 about patience while I am here.  I then walked up to the rooftop where it overlooks the city and stood up there taking it all in!  I was then reminded how perfect it was to use as my morning workout spot!


I didn’t waste any time for I wanted to explore this city I once knew.

It was incredible walking down the streets as everything was familiar.  I made it to the “Lighthouse.” This is where I stayed the last time I was here.  There are some side roads and a lot of the look very similar; surprisingly enough I found it first try!



It was so fun as I saw the building.  It has changed a bit but still what I remember. =)

I got to pick up a lime green bike (one of my favorite colors), and took off for the open road!  I road all over the place.  Finding little shops, coffee houses and more that I remember.


During the evenings there is a night market which is right where Zion cafe and hostel is located. I spent about 4 hours as I roamed the streets, people watched, ate some street food, and bought a few gifts.


Thanks Chiang Mai for welcoming me so nicely! I can’t wait for tomorrow and what is yet to come!

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