The Fire that Purified Gold


My second day in Chiang Mai I got to meet an incredible, beautiful and gorgeous girl, (I’ll call her Jenna for the sake of this post.)  She sometimes works at zion cafe by day but always works at a strip club by night.  When we met at the cafe she had a sweet sweet smile as she grabbed my arm and motioned me over to the couch so we could talk!  It was so great to sit as we chatted and laughed for a while.  She began to tell me that she loves coming to the cafe to work because there she surrounds herself with good people and it keeps her out of trouble. She then looked me in the eye and said, “i’m giving you a thai name.  It’s going to be Plå. It means fish!”  I laughed and said “Khxbkhun kha (thank you), but why fish?” Jenna told me that my eyes were as beautiful like a special fish.  Alright, I’ll take that =)

She told me how there was a girl, 2 years ago, who came into her work every single day to visit her.  She told her about Jesus until she was tired of hearing about it.  Thankfully what seemed like a nusence at the time saved her life.  Jenna can’t explain it but she can feel it.  Her relationship with Christ is what matters most to her now!

It was incredible to hear her talk about her life being transformed for the better each day.

Jenna and I had an amazing day together.  She took me to a beautiful lake where we sat in little huts as we ordered food.  My favorite part is that we got to get away from the loud, busy city and come to this place of peace, tranquility and spent time sharing stories and in awe of Gods creation.


It was a tough time for the both of us because Jenna shared her story with me.  She shared some things that most could never imagine anyone going through.

There are so many details but I will share some of it with you so you can gather a picture.

When Jenna was just 11 years old her mother sold her away.  She was taken to clean houses and nanny young children.  When Jenna thought she could trust the lady she was working for she was then sold away to a man where she was promised an even better job.  She was to clean his beautiful home each day.  When she thought that was easy enough, little did she know that was not the case.  He locked her up in a room where he abused her sexually and in more ways.  One day when Jenna was on her menstrual cycle and he couldn’t abuse her the way he wanted to he kicked her out of the house with no money, no place to sleep and no food to eat.  He stole her purity.

At this point she didn’t see a reason to keep pure.  She had nothing to lose.  Why not take advantage of using my body for money; at least I can live; she thought.  She ended up being tranported to different parts of Thailand for work.  Jenna went through a point in her life where she constantly felt sick.  She thought she was getting fat so she did everything she could to suck her tummy in for work.  Finally she finds out, 7 months in, she is going to have a baby.  There was no way for her to know who the father was.  In order to pay for medical bills she worked until the day before her baby was born.  After just a couple short weeks with her baby, she was back to work again.

There was a handsome English man that Jenna fell in love with.  He embraced her, took care of her and was kind to her.  After officially being together for a long while, He had to go back home to work and then he promised to contact her and come back for her.  After that day, a heart break; she never heard from him again.

A little bit of time goes by to when Jenna surprisingly finds out she is due for baby #2.  After this baby is born she begins dating another man, a thai man.  He loved her, took care of her and embraced her.  He wanted to take care of her children.  After being together for 4 years, once again she was left heart broken, without a man to love and cherish her like she desired.

With her 2 children and being a single mom it was tough.  Just last year one of her babies got bit by a bug.  She had an allergic reaction which in turn lead to death.

Jenna has been through so much in her lifetime.  From being sold by her family,  to abuse, to loss of purity, homelessless, heartbreak and family death.  She is a beautiful spunky young woman!  If you ever saw her you would never guess she’s been through all of this.  Her heart has changed, her eyes have opened, she is now one of the strongest women out there.

It takes a strong woman to not hate those who have hurt you, it takes a strong woman to not seek revenge on those who’ve abused you, it takes a strong woman to trust God when your baby girl has been taken away from you.  But this woman I can tell you is strong.  The way she doesn’t hate, she doesn’t resent; instead thanks God for the hardships she has gone through to be where she is today.

This beauty touched my life; I learned from her, I desire to be strong like her, I want to have faith and trust like her. She has been through the fire that purified gold.

My only prayer now is that she finds a new, real job where she doesn’t have to be in the bar at night.  She is there for survival.  She now doesn’t sleep with “customers” for she bartends, but the enviroment is still not great.  She has her daughter who doesn’t live with her because her daughter needs a better living situation and schooling than Jenna can give her.  I pray that she can live a life of complete freedom never bound again!


1 Peter 1:7 “These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.”

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