“You..come with me??”


I’ve only been here in Chiang Mai for such a short time but my eyes have already been re-opened to so much.

The first day riding my lime green bicycle I see a couple young ladies on the sidewalk outside of their massage shop. An older man on his motorbike looks behind his shoulder and turns to stop.  He takes his helmet off and points at a young girl no older than 15.  He, a farang (white person), smiles, and says “you..with me?”  “You..come with me?” as he begins to flirt with her. She giggles and looks at the young ladies beside her.  He kept motioning her to come.  As I watched this, riding my bicycle, in the middle of the afternoon I got sick to my stomach.  I almost threw up.

I kept looking back almost falling off my bike as I wanted to go grab her and bring her with me. I felt so incapable. Was I wrong not to go grab her?  No, I knew at that moment it wasn’t my job to save her.  As a tear rolled down my face I turned the corner.  I will never know what happened to that young girl.  But it was a reminder of why I was there.  Why my heart burns for these kids, young girls, boys who get lured into something that seems so nice, so loving, so caring; little do they know it doesn’t turn out the way expected.

It might seem easy to think that these young precious girls choose this life but most is a fight for survival, their parents sold them or they were stolen.  They have been deceived.  Looking good on the outside, in turn ripping apart anything of good, value and worth on the inside.

My heart cries for a freedom to those held in bondage, a voice for the voiceless, and a change of heart and mind for a real restored life.  It is only by the power of God that can break it.  It is only by the love of God that can lure these precious gems into healing broken hearts.

This is my prayer, my battle cry.

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