Fully Alive?


To really live. Actually live. Authentically. Fully Alive.

What does that mean?  Is that something that we can grasp in our brains?  Especially in such a culture that seems like has it all figured out?  Go to school, get a job, find a special someone, get married, have kids, and work….It’s life, sounds about right.

Recently I have been talking to so many people who are searching, and really searching for their next step in life.  Just like I did, they look at picture books of the world, or see things others are doing and only dream about them and say.. ”one day…when everything falls into place, maybe I will do what I love.”

Am I fully alive or floating, bobbing in whichever way the current takes me?

Is this the life you really dreamed of?  Did you realize that we only have one life to live and to make it count?

I do have to say that everyone is so incredibly gifted.  And this is something I have learned over the past couple years.  Things I can’t do, others can do!  The things I can do, others rely on me.  We have a purpose.  I am beyond amazed by all the creativity, work, and projects people are doing that are so dear to their hearts!  Each gift is a piece of the craft as we add to the masterpiece in this world.  This is something that each person needs to realize.  You and I were put on this earth for a reason.  There are things inside of us that burn so deeply that maybe we want to experience, we want to see, feel, smell, even if it doesn’t seem like the norm.  Maybe people don’t understand.  Maybe we can’t explain it.

There is pressure from the world, your friends, parents, co-workers.  Fears of the unknown and the future. Is your heart pulling you one direction and your head the other?

I want to encourage you in whatever you are feeling right now, this very second.  Embrace the feelings.  Reflect on your hearts desires and ultimate longings.  What brings you complete joy? What can you see yourself doing even if you didn’t get paid for 10 years?

I have had some serious life changes in the past few years and they have all lead me on the path of my deepest passions and striving in my gifts which God has blessed me with.

If this is you, I want to encourage you to try something I did.

Pictures are one of life’s greatest inspirations.  As a human, when we see pictures instead of words, we are more apt to achieve, more motivated, inspired and can see a bit more clearly.  Even if we don’t think we have an artistic side, we still work this way.

What I did was I got flat on my face one day when I had no idea what to do, what direction to take, with one pen in my hand and a notebook I closed my eyes and asked God to give me pictures of where I saw myself, where does my passion deep inside take me?  If nothing mattered: time, people, finances, etc. Then what do you truly see?  On my drawing there were quite a few pictures.  It didn’t seem like any of them fit together but each thing was what I was passionate about and what I cared about.

I could then look at this to show me that step I needed to take without looking at what the people around me and societal norms wanted me to do.

I never did know how the pieces of my drawings would fit together but everything that was on that piece of paper is exactly what I ended up doing that year and it is exactly where I am now.  (I still have this drawing) =)

No picture will ever be the same for anyone but each person has an amazing passion, an inspiration, a gift that can be used for so much bigger, greater and more fun things beyond what you see right here and now.

I am excited for you. Genuinely excited for you!  That is a passion of mine I didn’t have before: to see you find your passion and taking it with you to use the gifts God gave you to go beyond yourself.

Don’t give up. Grow in your strengths while you follow that passion!

Enjoy this ride. Enjoy this journey.

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