Hi!! My name is Jessica! Nice to FINALLY meet you!

menmichelle (2)If you know me at all you would know that I am a small girl with a BIG heart =)  All I want to do is live life to the fullest, dream BIG, and be apart of peoples’ lives by doing everything with PURPOSE!  We only have one life to live, why waste it?  I believe that with every smile you can brighten someones day, every conversation can inspire, every hug can feel love, and every act of kindness can change the world!  Imagine if each day we were intentionally looking for someone to seek out!  It might even be a small thing, but all the small things add up.  We are never too good to do good for others.

Even though I may fail, I aspire each day to selflessly go out of my way to brighten ones day, to look at the bright side at the end of the road, to inspire and to encourage!  I always try my best to be that person people can depend on, to always dream and never stop, I want to enjoy life with new friends, old friends, and people I love without having to worry about time passing me by.

Maybe i’m annoyingly optimistic.

By the end of the day, before I go to bed I want to have a smile on my face knowing even in the smallest things: i made a difference.

We are ALL so incredibly loved by our God, our Creator, lets make it be known!

I am passionate about loving people, encouraging dreams, helping people feel and look good about themselves and being a friend =)

I really enjoy long conversations over coffee, doing hair, staying active, traveling, Jesus, riding bikes, art.  I am simple, yet intricate.

Please join me on this Journey called LIFE =)


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