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Can Your Dream Really Be So Small?

  You see, sometimes our dreams can be stripped away from us to enter into the calling God has for us. You know, when I was a little girl I would sit listening to cassette tapes with a pen and … Continue reading

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Fully Alive?

To really live. Actually live. Authentically. Fully Alive. What does that mean?  Is that something that we can grasp in our brains?  Especially in such a culture that seems like has it all figured out?  Go to school, get a … Continue reading

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Home and out of my comfort zone

Lately there have been some feelings inside my heart that I can’t explain, feelings I don’t understand.  I have to say, I love everything about my life.  I am blessed with great work, great family, great friendships but still some … Continue reading

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The continued journey to hope and freedom

It’s finally here! Back to Asia…the continent I thought I would like the least..but in fact fell in love with. Wow…it’s been about a year and a half since I have been back to Cambodia and Thailand.  When I was … Continue reading

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Give all to lose or Give all to gain

Generally those who are thought of as rich have money; a nice huge house with garage space to be a house in itself , they have a fancy car, nice clothes, a cute dog or two, they can purchase a … Continue reading

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Empowering Leadership

Have you ever thought of yourself as a leader? Think of your favorite leader you’ve had in your life.  Why so? I think we are all made to lead.  Maybe lead a business, maybe a small group, maybe your kids, … Continue reading

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Zaina, Me, Stacy, Anetka Today was the third Yoga/Hike at Poo Poo Point in Issaquah, Washington.  Of course we live in rainy Seattle and seems like there is always an excuse not to get out in the open air.  Last … Continue reading

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