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Can Your Dream Really Be So Small?

  You see, sometimes our dreams can be stripped away from us to enter into the calling God has for us. You know, when I was a little girl I would sit listening to cassette tapes with a pen and … Continue reading

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The continued journey to hope and freedom

It’s finally here! Back to Asia…the continent I thought I would like the least..but in fact fell in love with. Wow…it’s been about a year and a half since I have been back to Cambodia and Thailand.  When I was … Continue reading

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Stopping those food cravings we love

Self Control is not easy! It’s normal that we tend to have food cravings.  Usually when we start eating chips then we crave them more, when we eat sugar we crave it more.  Here are a few tips that I … Continue reading

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Fun Nutrition and Health Facts

I always get fascinated by random facts! About anything really. Isn’t it kind of fun when you can randomly state a fact that not many know about?  “Did you know…..?”–kind of questions.  Well I’ve gathered a few (I didn’t write … Continue reading

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