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Home away from home

“No, mom I don’t want to go to Spain this Summer.  I have plans with my friends already.”  This was my signature saying every Summer that we had family plans to go to Spain before my teen years.  You see, … Continue reading

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Can Your Dream Really Be So Small?

  You see, sometimes our dreams can be stripped away from us to enter into the calling God has for us. You know, when I was a little girl I would sit listening to cassette tapes with a pen and … Continue reading

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Can we ever really quench our thirst?

Thirsting and searching, when your soul is empty you’re blinded to the real need.  You look for those things to fulfill your desires and look to all things on earth not knowing where to turn. There is a thirst that … Continue reading

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Triple 8!!

My cousin and I went on a really long walk yesterday up and down hills in the gorgeous sunshine admiring the Puget Sound, fall leaves and architecture to some beautiful homes.  As we chatted about the importance of doing things … Continue reading

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Think outside the Box!

I have been having so many conversations with people, whether they are successful in their businesses or they are searching for what they want to do next in life.  I’m now thinking about my own life journey and how there … Continue reading

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