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Home away from home

“No, mom I don’t want to go to Spain this Summer.  I have plans with my friends already.”  This was my signature saying every Summer that we had family plans to go to Spain before my teen years.  You see, … Continue reading

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A Love in Constant Pursuit

Coming from a family that loves me and supports me in the United States and in Spain has really made me know how blessed I am.  I cannot imagine a life of bondage, manipulation, abuse, or sexual exploitaion.  I continually … Continue reading

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She smiles at her future

Today was the day. The first day to step foot into Destiny Rescue in Thailand to meet the girls I have been praying specifically for for the last few months and those I’ve been longing to meet. Ranging from ages … Continue reading

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Give all to lose or Give all to gain

Generally those who are thought of as rich have money; a nice huge house with garage space to be a house in itself , they have a fancy car, nice clothes, a cute dog or two, they can purchase a … Continue reading

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Having the choice everyday

  Isaiah 55 55 “Is anyone thirsty?     Come and drink—     even if you have no money! Come, take your choice of wine or milk—     it’s all free! 2 Why spend your money on food that does not give you strength?     Why pay … Continue reading

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