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Home away from home

“No, mom I don’t want to go to Spain this Summer.  I have plans with my friends already.”  This was my signature saying every Summer that we had family plans to go to Spain before my teen years.  You see, … Continue reading

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Can Your Dream Really Be So Small?

  You see, sometimes our dreams can be stripped away from us to enter into the calling God has for us. You know, when I was a little girl I would sit listening to cassette tapes with a pen and … Continue reading

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“You..come with me??”

I’ve only been here in Chiang Mai for such a short time but my eyes have already been re-opened to so much. The first day riding my lime green bicycle I see a couple young ladies on the sidewalk outside … Continue reading

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Never ending bike ride

Such an incredible day! One of our last days here in Chiang Rai! Michelle and I rented bikes the whole time we were here. It can get pretty pricey getting a taxi or tuk-tuk everywhere you go, so this was … Continue reading

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A body more than sexy

You are so intricate, so perfect, so whole and wonderfully made. There is nothing you can do or not do for Him to notice you any differently. Psalm 139 13 You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body … Continue reading

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She smiles at her future

Today was the day. The first day to step foot into Destiny Rescue in Thailand to meet the girls I have been praying specifically for for the last few months and those I’ve been longing to meet. Ranging from ages … Continue reading

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An everlasting Foundation

It seems sureal sometimes when you think of creating something that is going to be everlasting.  Something that others will use as tools for their future.  It can be scary.  Is it something I can actually do? A foundation is … Continue reading

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