Don’t give up

ImageHave you ever had that kind of a day when everything seems to be going wrong?  And for the rest of the day you expect the horrible to happen?  Maybe it’s for the morning, the whole day, or a whole month, maybe even a year.

You are in a season.

You may be going through a trail.  The key is to ask for endurance through the trial.  It will eventually pass and you can move forward.  Make each minute, hour, day taking the next step toward enduring that trial.


Don’t give up!

“Don’t let the Trial tell you who you are, but you tell the Trial who you are!”

You are a strong person capable through God’s power to get through!  Don’t let yourself hold back from moving into greater places than being stuck in where you are.

Only good is to come, when we set our eyes on the negative that is all we see.


You are NOT confined by walls.  You have a door you can walk through each and every day and you have the endurance to do so!

Take this day and make it yours, Don’t let the day make you!

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