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Breathe deep- Why do you live?

“I breathe you in, GodCause you are there all around me.When I don’t understand I will choose to love you God.” –These are a few words from the song I am currently listening to called “I breathe you in, God”, … Continue reading

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Look Leaner in just a few seconds!

Look Pounds Lighter by: Adjusting your posture!  You will feel and look more confident =) Head back and Ears Over Shoulders: When you round your shoulders your torso is shortened making you look bigger than you really are.  Rib Cage … Continue reading

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Stopping those food cravings we love

Self Control is not easy! It’s normal that we tend to have food cravings.  Usually when we start eating chips then we crave them more, when we eat sugar we crave it more.  Here are a few tips that I … Continue reading

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We weren’t made to always be happy?

In this life we are bombarded with media, celebrities, money, success: all which we think will make us happy.  What makes me happy?  Sunshine, people liking me, cute clothes, when things work out according to plan, my friends, family, reading, … Continue reading

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Philippines Destruction

My heart breaks.  My stomach aches.  I feel like i’m going to vomit all over my computer. I can’t handle knowing the grounds I have walked, the people I have met.  I see the sweet faces of the little children, … Continue reading

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A complicated letter

I think sometimes we complicate things a little too much, don’t we? We might think that we want to make a difference in someones life and possibly even the world. We think about all the steps it could take and … Continue reading

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Fun Nutrition and Health Facts

I always get fascinated by random facts! About anything really. Isn’t it kind of fun when you can randomly state a fact that not many know about?  “Did you know…..?”–kind of questions.  Well I’ve gathered a few (I didn’t write … Continue reading

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